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Edward L. Fairley – Founder & CEO

Edward L. Fairley is the Founder and CEO of Know Love Inc. He brings to bear at Know Love Inc. vast experience in relationship coaching and counseling services. He is the Author of “The Handbook for Increasing your Relationship IQ,” a product of years of research into relationship intelligence. Creation of Know Love Inc. is as a result of his passion for an all-inclusive, proven method of relationship counseling that is fun and simulates real life experiences; hence The Know Love Simulation was also created. Edward L. Fairley is happily married, and has been married for over 15 years.

This is the go-to website for learning everyday relationship
skills to not only sustain our partners happiness, but to feel like they
understand you and you understand them. We aim to help you become the ideal
partner you wish you were, boost your self-confidence in honest communication,
and most importantly, we aim to make sure you know how to express your feelings
the right way. Our intent is to lift the average SELF-LOVE & ROMANTIC
 RELATIONSHIP know-how & satisfaction into new heights and ensure not a
single one of our followers feel like they are wasting time with the person
they are with.


Decrease Tomorrow’s Divorce Rate Today by teaching single’s and couple’s alike the topics of effective communication along with the entire life cycle of intimate romantic relationships.



To offer counseling tools and services to married couples and single’s alike

To create avenues where relationship is learned in an entertaining way

To eliminate privacy intrusion associated with traditional counseling services

To facilitate building relationships rather than mending faulty ones

To reduce financial burden associated with traditional counseling service

The "Know Love Triangle,"
Our Philosophy for gaining and sustaining a Successful Relationship

Know love incorporated

Know Love Inc. is a USA registered firm specialized in offering professional relationship coaching and counseling resources. The high rate of broken homes in our society is appalling; this high rate of divorce is keenly linked to simple but salient mistakes made in relationship that leaves an indelible mark, makes the couple slowly drift apart until they consider divorce as the last resort. Our mission is to address these issues and make families unite together in Love.

Divorce is not only a personal problem but a challenge to the society at large. Research has proved that children from broken homes are plagued with academic problems and more likely to get involved in social vices such as drugs and crime. Taking care of the home will give rise to a better society to live in.

After years of research and offering professional counseling services; we have developed effective and entertaining solutions to relationship problems that proactively teach single people and couples fundamental principles in making a relationship work. Our innovative solutions work in preventing rift within families, this approach is preferable to trying to amend a home at the verge of breaking.


The Know Love Simulation was developed out of years of experience in counseling, research in and out of the classrooms, hands on, testing, gathering feedback, conducting trials, and talking to thousands of people. The App and board game version creates a simulation of real live scenarios and provides effective guidance in a way that is fun, non- intrusive and non-judgmental of personal character. The Know Love Simulation makes clients comfortable and more receptive to enlightenment by counsel due to its unique approach of elaboration on pertinent principles in relationships.

“Know Love: The App and Board Game Simulation” not only assists in making better choices, but creates an avenue to engage in virtual relationship so when a mistake is made, it is within the simulated app, not in the real world. It is like taking a time travel into the future and correcting the relationship mistakes that you could have made.

This Simulator is of immense benefit to married couples, and singles who are dating, in a relationship, or engaged. We earnestly believe that irrespective of status, one could live happily and healthy in a relationship. Whether you are single, married, or divorced, you have a ton of options waiting for you right inside an easy-to-use simulator.

Get entertained while learning the fundamental principles of happy and successful relationships. The Know Love Simulator is available via Board Game and for FREE on Android and iOS platforms


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