"No" Love To "Know" Love

Get The Relationship of Your Dream

  • Do You Feel Like A Placeholder In Your Relationship? 
  • Do You Feel Lonely In Your Relationship?
  • Do You Feel Like You Deserve More Love, Respect And Appreciation Than What You Are Getting Right Now In Your Relationship?  


  • Are You Tired of Being Alone And Single?  
  • Would You Like To Have A Life Partner Who Loves You Unconditionally? 
  • Would You Like A Life Partner Who Respects You, Appreciates You and Stands By You Like A Rock? 

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If You Answered 'Yes' to Any of The Above, Read On.

Are You Looking For A Dream Life Partner OR Looking To Transform Your Current Relationship Into A Dream Relationship?

Know that your relationship is an extension of who you currently are as a person. 

If you are not confident about yourself, your body, your mind, you will attract desperate situations. 

If you suffer from low self esteem, you will attract partners who don’t respect you. 

If you are uncomfortable with your body, your sex life will suffer and so will your relationship. 

If you have ‘settled’ and not really stuck by your ‘grocery list’, you will find yourself in a relationship where you are not respected and accepted. 

The outcomes (no matter how unfavorable right now) are symptoms of how you perceive yourself as an individual. Once you go to the root cause of those symptoms, you will solve the relationship problem once and for all in your life and I PROMISE YOU, Your Life Will Become A Happily Ever After.

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Know Your Coach - Edward L. Fairley

Me and Wife, after experiencing a hell of a marriage, recovered from that phase and in the process, we discovered some universal truths that brought us closer to our own selves. 

I for sure discovered that the problems that I was facing with my wife, were the exact same problems I had faced in my previous relationships. 

I documented my experiences in the book “The Handbook for Increasing your Relationship IQ”. It became so successful and it impacted so many singles and so many unhappily married people, that their lives transformed for the better. 

That encouraged me to create this course, which will be even more impactful and results oriented.

Impact Of "No Love To Know Love" Training

Your ability to grasp what many take issue with and create simplistic grounding is truly a gift! Your coaching has stretched me mentally and removed me from my comfort zone. Know Love has inspired my approach in decision making, developed my awareness in self, and matured my communication skills, thus improving my romantic relationship, friendships, and parenting. This journey has been amazing!
Teela J.
Single, Professional, Mother of 1
Wow, what an unexpected journey. The Non-Negotiable List- something I really needed to learn. Your teachings are not only well-developed, but also timely.
Jackie E.
Middle-aged, Single
The antidote to most of the rubbish promoted as 'science,'
Jim D.
Married, 30, Father of 3

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What You Will Learn In The Course

The “Know Love Triangle,” Our Philosophy for gaining and sustaining a Successful Relationship.

  • Introduction to “No Love To Know Love”.
  • How to reverse Low Self Esteem.
  • Move Like A Queen or A King.
  • Eradicate Poor Communication.
  • How to Be Selflessly Selfish!
  • Relationship Is You.
  • How to avoid marrying the wrong one, or find out that you did.
  • Parenting Your Partner!
  • Get The Clarity of Thought.
  • Let’s talk about SEX!

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FREE TRAINING: How To Go From “No” Love To “Know” Love.

EBOOK: 4 Steps To Cure Low Self Esteem.


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