Know Love Board Game Simulation

Know Love Board Game Simulation


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Let’s face it, outside of the typical stigmas that come with “needing” a shrink or a counselor, there’s 4 problems that both the counselor and the client share…

1) People don’t like to openly share their personal issues or ask for help.
2) If they do share, they don’t share everything, so the solution that they are offered isn’t helpful because the counselor didn’t have all of the facts.
3) When feedback or correction is given, the one receiving the feedback feels threatened or double teamed and shuts down or stops participating fully for the duration of the process.
4) The opposite sex of the counselor subconsciously feels that there’s a bias that benefits the same sex person of the couple or situation, which makes them slow to warm up and share in the process, not to mention affirm their conspiracy theory of the counselor being biased when they’re the one receiving feedback or correction.

Another huge problem is that “Good Judgment” comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.

So, without learning from bad judgment, whether yours or someone else’s, you lack experience.

To not get professional relationship coaching/counseling, date, or get into a relationship out of fear of being vulnerable or hurt is to deprive yourself of experience, which will cause your judgment to be distorted when and if the right person for you comes along and ruin the relationship experience.

This is where Know Love comes into play…

We’ve solved the experience and counseling defects problem with the know love simulation…

The Know Love game simulation condenses and gives the user years of experience while indirectly coaching and counsel them through their dating and  relationship woes via edutainment.

Now people can get the experience and professional help that they really want and need, while being entertained and eliminating the anxiety and other earlier expressed issues that come with counseling stigmas and the typical counseling practices.

Know Love teaches people indirectly how to become their own counselor through simulated experiences, thus empowering them to experience love on purpose, not by chance.


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