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where our app is headed

An all-in-one educational relationship social network revolving around a simulated game for people interested in evolving in the areas of successful dating, relationships, marriages, self-improvement, and communication skills.

The bulk of the evolution/increase of the player’s relationship IQ will come from them playing the simulated game.  The remaining increase/evolution of the player’s relational IQ will come from communicating and masterminding with the community members who are also playing the game and discussing what they’ve experienced and learned from the game or in life, in the community groups.
Having a community of relationally like-minded people whose IQ’s are constantly increasing and molding will increase the probability of successful relationships and marriages for those who select their future mate from the organic community we’re trying to build.

the Rationale

  • The idea is to merge advantages and get the best of multiple worlds, in an application:
  • Game and Learning
  • Ease of dating sites and expertise of relationship coaches and counselors
  • Self-learning and social learning
  • Personal pace and permanent support system
  • The gap we intend to fill is not just to find the right match but retain them.

why the app?

The aim is creation of a culture of common awareness and effective training that will have a direct impact on tomorrow’s divorce rate as the application scope is end to end relationship Life Cycle Care.

want to help our app evolve?

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